Plant Based Summit

Plant Based Summit

The biobased solutions international conference & business meetings.

me, 22.09.2021 - ve, 24.09.2021

Lieu: Reims - France, Stand 012

Stéphane Laurent will present « Wood based Cellulose fibers and gels for applications in building chemistry products » during the following session: « Innovative processes and applications for wood chemistry » on Wednesday, 22nd of September between 15h20 and 16h40
Nathalie Fayolle will present « Valorizing food by- products in green & clean emulsions better for our environment and our skin: AgroParisTech and JRS expertise in Pickering emulsions » during the following session: « Food-Nutraceutical Ingredients » on Thursday, 23rd of September between 13h05 and 14h25 with Delphine Huc-Mathis from AgroParisTech.

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