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Formula 1 returns to Mexico


All Formula 1 fans around the world followed the battle for the pole position and the world championship between the world's best drivers.

Faster than ever on the brand new race course - Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

Of course on asphalt – of course on SMA – of course on SMA with VIATOP!

Thanks to our friends in Mexico – Grupo Surfax with the support of Rettenmaier Mexicana – we can proudly say that the winner who took home the trophy "He made it on SMA withVIATOP premium inside". Another success story for us – another project we won although we faced tough competition.

The reason why we finally succeeded – Grupo Surfax's outstanding knowledge about asphalt pavements plus their superior service. Grupo Surfax – an "old" member of our VIATOP team – an example for all of us how success can be created – with vision and commitment and following our latest slogan "Stay focused".

Ignacio + Fernando and your entire team:


All the best and much more success in the near future – we keep our fingers crossed!

The Road to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics


1896 Athens / Greece
It all started with 14 nations, 241 competitors (all of them male), 9 sports, 10 disciplines and 43 events.

1900 Paris / France 
Already 24 nations, 997 competitors (975 male and 22 female), 19 sports, 20 disciplines and 85 events.

2000 Sydney / Australia
The new millennium event with 199 nations, 10,651 competitors (6,582 male and 4,069 female), 28 sports, 40 disciplines, 300 events and great hosts 'down under'.

2004 Athens / Greece 

The Olympics returned to where it all started. For the first time more than 200 nations. 201 nations with 10,625 competitors (6,296 male and 4,329 female), 28 sports, 40 disciplines and 301 events.

2008 Beijing / People's Republic of China 

Unforgettable event with one of the most exciting opening ceremonies ever. With 204 nations and 10,942 competitors the biggest Summer Olympics up to now (6,305 male and 4,637 female). 28 sports, 41 disciplines and 302 events.

2012 London / England 

The happy games and a perfect organization with an outstanding infrastructure. 204 nations with 10,568 competitors (5,892 male and a record 4,676 female), 28 sports, 41 disciplines and 306 events

2016 August 5th - August 21st 

For the very first time ... 

The Summer Olympic Games will be held in South America - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

As we all know from the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, the world will be able to watch and enjoy the colorful and entertaining games right next to the Copacabana, the Pao de Acucar (the Rio sugarloaf) and under the protection of Cristo Redendor (Christ the Redeemer statue).

The London Olympics attracted more than 8 million visitors with almost 5 billion people watching the events on TV. These numbers will be topped next year.

To move 8 million people plus the athletes, all the officials and the sponsors is a major challenge for the organizers, the city of Rio de Janeiro and the infrastructure experts.

To ensure that all the public transport around and inside the Olympic park will run smoothly and safely the responsible experts decided to use SMA as the surface layer for the major roads. SMA with VIATOP premium of course thanks to the outstanding work that our JRS colleagues in our office in São Paulo have been doing here.

Nairson Dobrioglo and Odair Texeira have already won the first gold medal even prior to the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Muito obrigado. The athletes of the world, the visitors and all the people involved in the games will be as thankful as we are - plus WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

With golden thanks and all the best for happy and successful Summer Olympics 2016  



Business Unit Road Construction
73494 Rosenberg (Germany)
Tel: + 49 7967 / 152 297 

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The Safe Connection

VIATOP - The Safe Connection

Connected - nowadays all of us are connected
Connected - thanks to the World Wide Web
Connected - using all forms of social media
Connected - with our mobile phones
Connected - wireless or via wires
Connected - with two golden rings for the rest of our lives
Connected - with all our customers and colleagues
Connected - with our families and friends 

For road construction engineers, connections between two islands separated by saltwater have always been a big challenge. Careful and sophisticated planning is essential, as is choosing the best material to ensure that this connection is long lasting and safe. 

In Korea, the engineers who designed the Seohae Grand Bridge which connects the island of Pyongtaek (Gyeonggi-do) with Dangjin (Chungcheongnam-do) at mainland South Korea, conducted extensive studies, and finally decided to use SMA with VIATOP as the best solution for the surface layer for this important connection. 

Today, after 16 years in service they have received confirmation that their decision was the correct one, as the surface layer of SMA with VIATOP is still there, and still offers an excellent performance. So if you want to be connected - SMA with VIATOP is the perfect way of staying connected for a very long time.   



Business Unit Road Construction
73494 Rosenberg (Germany) 
Tel: + 49 7967 / 152 297

www.jrs.de  • www.sma-viatop.com  • viatop@jrs.de

Europe's Biggest Aqueduct with VIATOP premium

VIATOP - The Safe Connection

Aqueduct near Amsterdam now open for traffic

A new connection between the highways A1 and A9 including a new bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine-Channel – a huge construction project with investment costs of 1.5 billion Euros which mitigates some important transportation hubs effectively.

The project was realized by SAAone, a conglomerate of construction companies Volker Wessels, Hochtief, Boskalis and the investor DIF. The total length of the project was 23 km and lead to 5 lanes in each direction – VIATOP® premium included!

All PA surface layers contain VIATOP® premium

VIATOP® premium pellets with bituminous coating for the best quality and functionality were chosen for that remarkable project. With the 3-dimensional network natural fibers made of especially processed cellulose qualities VIATOP® pellets ensure that the new bitumen layers fulfill all expectations of the road users – new ways for more quality of life. The unbeatable combination of an ecological product approach and state-of-the-art functional technology makes road construction more efficient and more economic.

Your global VIATOP® TEAM

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