• Dietary Fibre Conference

    Dietary Fibre Conference

    Mo, 04.06.2018 - Mi, 06.06.2018 Food

  • CosmeticBusiness Munich

    CosmeticBusiness Munich

    Mi, 06.06.2018 - Do, 07.06.2018 Home & Personal Care

    Cellulose goes CosmeticBusiness At the CosmeticBusiness you can find all the important things that are necessary for the creation of new cosmetic products and their successful presentation – starting with the raw materials and continuing with manufacture and packaging.


    Mo, 11.06.2018 - Fr, 15.06.2018 Filtration

    As a world forum and leading international trade fair for the process industry, ACHEMA will focus this year on the topics of biotech for chemistry, flexible production and chemical and pharmaceutical logistics.
  • In-cosmetics Korea

    In-cosmetics Korea

    Mi, 13.06.2018 - Fr, 15.06.2018 Home & Personal Care

    Cellulose goes in-cosmetics Korea! The in-cosmetics Korea shows the most exciting ingredient launches in Korea. Visitors will get unrivalled access to the latest raw materials, testing services and extensive learning opportunities, as well as the most innovative ingredients available on the Korean market.
  • Euroasphalt & Eurobitume Event

    Euroasphalt & Eurobitume Event

    Do, 14.06.2018 - Fr, 15.06.2018 Straßenbau

    The 1st Euroasphalt & Eurobitume Event will be held on 14 - 15 June 2018 in Berlin, Germany


    Mi, 18.07.2018 - Fr, 20.07.2018 Filtration

    ALUMINUM CHINA is Asia's largest aluminum industrial fair covering the entire aluminum industry supply chain, bringing together industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies and advanced applications.
  • ZLV Packaging Symposium 2018

    ZLV Packaging Symposium 2018

    Do, 13.09.2018 - Fr, 14.09.2018 Chemie

    The ZLV Packaging Symposium 2018 is a meeting place for all companies involved in the value chain of industrially produced and packaged food.
  • IBA


    Sa, 15.09.2018 - Do, 20.09.2018 Food

  • AMB Stuttgart

    AMB Stuttgart

    Di, 18.09.2018 - Sa, 22.09.2018 Filtration

    The International Metalworking Exhibition AMB is one of the industry's top fairs. The main areas of interest include exciting machine tools, abrasive machine tools, precision tools, as well as metrology and quality assurance.
  • In-cosmetics Latin America

    In-cosmetics Latin America

    Mi, 19.09.2018 - Do, 20.09.2018 Home & Personal Care

    Cellulos goes In-Cosmetics Latein America! In ihrer vierten Ausgabe werden wieder zahlreiche internationale Aussteller der Kosmetikindustrie erwartet
  • ALUMINIUM Düsseldorf

    ALUMINIUM Düsseldorf

    Di, 09.10.2018 - Do, 11.10.2018 Filtration

    The ALUMINUM is the event for the aluminum industry and acts as a strong sourcing platform that connects producers, processors, end users and technology suppliers.
  • Sepawa Berlin 2018

    Sepawa Berlin 2018

    Mi, 10.10.2018 - Fr, 12.10.2018 Home & Personal Care

    Cellulose goes Sepawa! One of the most important events for the washing, cosmetics and perfume industry in Europe starts in October!
  • Evenord Nürnberg

    Evenord Nürnberg

    Sa, 13.10.2018 - So, 14.10.2018 Technik

    The 50th Evenord is once again a must-attend event for all butchers and restaurateurs: the major North-Bavarian traditional event Evenord, focuses exchanging information for good business.
  • VrachTech


    Di, 16.10.2018 - Do, 18.10.2018 Contract Manufacturing

    The VRACTECH 2018 trade fair concentrates on the production and storage of bulk goods
  • Fakuma 2018

    Fakuma 2018

    Di, 16.10.2018 - Sa, 20.10.2018 Contract Manufacturing

    The international trade fair for plastic processing Fakuma 2018 is the world's only trade fair focusing on all processing and processing of plastics: injection molding, extrusion, 3D printing, thermoforming and many more.
  • 43. Münchener Klebstoff- und Veredelungs-Symposium

    Mo, 22.10.2018 - Mi, 24.10.2018 Contract Manufacturing

    The MKVS is a leading event for the adhesives, printing and finishing industry. During these two days, development engineers and technical sales representatives will meet to discuss the latest results from research and development, technological developments and the latest market trends.
  • In-cosmetics Asia

    In-cosmetics Asia

    Di, 30.10.2018 - Do, 01.11.2018 Home & Personal Care

    Cellulose goes In-Cosmetics Asia! In-cosmetics asia, taking place in Bangkok, is the launch place for innovation in ingredients and technologies.
  • Sulphur 2018

    Mo, 05.11.2018 - Do, 08.11.2018 Filtration

    The Sulphur 2018 Conference is the industry meeting for manufacturers of sulfur and sulfuric acid, their users and consumers, as well as companies in the oil, gas, metallurgy and fertilizer industries.
  • EuroTier Hanover

    EuroTier Hanover

    Di, 13.11.2018 - Fr, 16.11.2018 Tierernährung

    The EuroTier in Hannover is considered as world’s leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock-management. Around 2638 exhibitors from 58 countries will present their innovations in cattle-, pig and poultry farming.
  • Wood-Plastic Composites Conference 2018

    Mi, 14.11.2018 - Do, 15.11.2018 Chemie

    The 12th edition of AMI's international Wood-Plastic Composites Conference will provide a broad based forum for companies processing, fabricating or selling timber or plastics products that are looking to explore or expand their businesses and identify new opportunities.

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